Balconies Are A Waste Of Space… Or Are They?

Some folks regard balconies as an integral part of their home, some think that these are a waste of space.

In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of having a balcony at home. Read on to find out more!

Is It Worth Having A Balcony At Home?

There are two different camps of people – the first camp thinks that balconies are a great addition, and the second feels like they’re wholly unnecessary.

Of course, if you have a balcony, this eats into your overall living space.

Some folks will also point out that developers often include balconies in their units in order to push down development costs. The balcony is counted into the total sqft, but the material costs of building a balcony are obviously cheaper than that of building out the rest of an apartment.

That said, we recommend that you focus less on whether a balcony is a good deal, and instead evaluate if it makes sense for you.

So in deciding whether you want a balcony, consider your lifestyle and think about whether you’ll use the balcony frequently enough to make it worth the space you’re sacrificing.