Help students focus on what they’ll gain next year, not what they’ve lost

The rotation of every school year offers a mixture of international journal excitement and anxiety. As students transition from one grade or year to the next, summertime is an opportunity to reset and reinvent. Naturally, they’ll also forget some of what they’ve learned and won’t yet feel ready to jump into what’s to come. While we can and should acknowledge these challenges, framing them as “learning loss” can put undue stress on you and your students.

As we look toward next school year, let’s honor students’ commitment to learning, no matter where they are in their lives or academic development. Let’s offer the support they need to build confidence and stay in school.

We think the resources we’ve curated below can help you in this process. These (mostly) free tools can help you assess how students are doing — and feeling — alongside other resources for building up their skills and confidence.

We’ve divided this list into three parts — you can jump to any section below using these links:

Assess Where Your Students Are
Help Students Build Academic Skills and Knowledge
Create a Culture of Growth and Reflection with SEL
Assess Where Your Students Are
These tools will help you get a sense of where students are, and which skills they still need to develop. Many of these tools also offer follow-up exercises and activities that target students’ specific areas of need.